3 Feet, Following Too Close, & Moped Ban: Bud’s Report

Michael posted his own report yesterday. Bud Vye is our Advocacy Director, and point man in the legislature. Here’s his:

In the Senate Transportation Committee this afternoon, after hearing a thorough explanation of the Governor’s Transportation Funding Bill from Transportation Secretary Connaughton prior to it being referred to the Senate Finance Committee, and having a number of the more than 30 bills that were originally on the docket either stricken at the request of the patron, passed by for the day, or referred to another committee,

SB1060/Reeves, the Three Foot Passing and Following Too Closely bill was heard and quickly REPORTED (on a 14-0 vote) as only Tom Bowden on behalf of Bike Virginia, and I spoke briefly in support of it.

SB731/Carrico, which would ban Mopeds from all highways with speed limits in excess of 35 mph, was Passed by Indefinitely (Killed) by a 14-0 vote as I was the only one to speak against it, but the Committee Chairman responded that such a ban statewide would impose a real hardship on the people who ride them, and although Sen. Carrico has a problem with mopeds in the mountainous area he represents, a statewide ban is much too severe.

SB1038/Newman, was the final bill of the day, and several other bills were rolled into it, pertaining to the category of UNCONVENTIONAL VEHICLES, which includes ATVs, Mopeds, off road motorcycles and scooters. This bill was reported, and covers a wide range of requirements for these vehicles, which include for mopeds —– operator must be licensed, wear a helmet, with face shield or safety glasses, and may not carry more than one passenger. All of these recommendations have come out of a study committee that has been working over the past year. I cite the bill only for information, since none of its provisions pertain to bicycles.

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