Bike-Related Bills in the 2015 Virginia General Assembly

Below are this year’s bills of interest to cyclists. We support all except one, the mandatory sidepath bill, which of course we oppose.

Some of these bills are identical, or nearly so. Any that move forward together are typically “conformed” into a single bill.

See our online spreadsheet for a detailed listing, with status and links to history of each bill.

Following (Bicycles) Too Closely

HB1342 and SB1220, by striking one instance of the word “motor,” would include non-motorized vehicles (bicycles) among the vehicles and other that a driver of a motor vehicle shall not follow too closely. We support these bills.

Crossing the Double Yellow Line to Pass Cyclists

SB781 would allow drivers to cross the double yellow line to pass vehicles traveling at 25 MPH or less. Most drivers already do this to pass postal jeeps, street sweepers, farm vehicles and lawnmowing equipment. Making this clearly legal would let drivers feel free to pass people on bikes with at least the 3′ minimum clearance now required by law, and eliminate the most common excuse for not doing so. We support this bill.

Highway Maintenance Payments — Road Diets

HB1402 would preserve maintenance funding based on lane-miles, when regular travel lanes are converted to bike lanes. Concern about loss of lane-mile funding keeps many municipalities from implementing road diets, creating bike lanes and improving safety for all road users. We support this bill.

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  • These are great details to the ever changing transit climate in Virginia. This weekend a small group of dedicated bicyclists and advocates will be uniting under one banner that of Transit Equality and riding from the Hampton roads to Richmond VA… Will you be part of the team?

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