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Capital to Capital Ride — Cap2Cap

2013 Cap 2 Cap Poster Final

Join over 2000 riders on Saturday, May 11, for one of Virginia’s largest cycling events — the Capital to Capital ride, aka Cap2Cap — a fundraiser for the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation.

When completed, the 55 mile Virginia Capital Trail will connect past and present capitals of Williamsburg, Jamestown and Richmond along the scenic Route 5 corridor.

Cap2Cap is a unique in having starts at both ends — Richmond and Williamsburg — with 15, 25, 50, and 100 mile out-and-back options. Pedal through 400 years of Virginia history, and help raise funds to make the Virginia Capital Trail a world-class experience.

For more information and to register, see the event page at the Foundation website.


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  • I am interested in the May 7th ride and would like to know more about registration. Which is best bike to ride Hybrid or road bike and if the rider goes from Richmond to Williamsburg and then back.

    Total milage?



  • Carol: the whole route both ways is a full century, a little over 100 miles. Most people find a road bike to be more efficient, but whatever you’re comfortable on for 5-8 hours is most important.

  • Is there enough room for team racing and speed on the trail?


  • Great event, highly recommended! I’m from out of state and have to say that riding the Virginia Capital Trail is already a world-class experience. Hope it gets finished soon.

    Small quibble: for the 2014 Capital-to-Capital Ride poster, it might be good to have someone do it who has actually looked at a bicycle and a backpack. A world-class trail deserves a world-class poster, not this bizarre amateur effort.

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