Capital Bikeshare Debuts

Capital Bikeshare opened for business today, with 1100 bikes at 114 stations throughout the DC metro area. 14 stations are in Arlington VA.

The New York Times covered the story, along with, WashCycle, and Greater Greater Washington, who also suggested that even bike owners will benefit from joining Capital Bikeshare.

To use the bikes, riders join Capital Bikeshare for a day ($5), month ($25), or year ($75, with an introductory offer of $50). The first 30 minutes of use are free; the second, $1.50; the third, $3.00. Each additional 30 minutes is $6. So pricing encourages short trip use, which is what the system is intended for. Riders can take a bike from any of the 114 stations, and return it to any station.

Capital Bikeshare is the successor to SmartBike DC, a much smaller system operated by ClearChannel.

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