‘Dooring’ & ‘Maintenance Funding’ Bills Need Your Support Now

Two bike-related bills have been passed by the Senate, and now need your support in the House.

SB117, the dooring bill, would make it illegal for a driver to open a car door into the path of a cyclist. Currently there is no law governing this in Virginia. Lack of a ticketable infraction can make it harder for dooring victims to get compensation for their injuries. SB117 would change that.

SB669, maintenance funding for bike lanes, would preserve maintenance funding based on lane-miles when lanes are converted to bike lanes. Concern about loss of this funding can keep municipalities from moving forward with bike lane projects, such as road diets. SB669 should eliminate such concerns.

Please contact your delegate now, and ask them to support these bills. If you don’t know who your state delegate is, use the Who’s My Legislator page.

It’s especially important to write now if your delegate is on the House Transportation Committee, listed below. SB117 may be in Subcommittee 1 as soon as Monday, 2/23; and SB669 may be in Subcommittee 3 as soon as Thursday, 2/18.

Update:  SB117 Dooring has reported out of subcommittee, and may be in full committee on Thurs. 2/26.  SB669 will be in Subcommittee 3 on Thurs. 2/26 as well.

Please share this in social media, and forward it to your bike club mailing lists. If you know anyone in the districts below, please make sure they get it, and ask them to write to their delegate.

House Transportation Committee

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