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Henrico Grand Jury Will Hear Charges in Pedestrian Hit and Run

Henrico General District Judge Archer L. Yeatts will send charges of a felony hit-and-run to a grand jury next month in the hit and run death of  18 year old Kara Rivers-Lengyel, a Godwin High School graduate, who’d been walking along the eastbound lanes of the road to her apartment.

According to news reports,  the woman was walking home from a friends house on May 29  and was hit from the back.  She was  thrown 113 feet and killed instantly.   Rivers-Lengyel didn’t own a car.

The alleged driver,  33 year old Reginald Addo, was located by police lying face down near a trash bin in a patch of woods nearby.  According to police accounts, Addo told them how a bug had flown into his eye and the car swerved.

He was charged with felony hit and run and run and driving without a license.  He is free on a $25,000 bond.

Addo was convicted in April of 2012 on driving without a license in Chesterfield County.

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