Legislative Update 1/26/10

A quiet day, with nothing of interest in House Transportation.

HB 163 that deals with passing of vehicles in the same lane was on the docket, but patron Orrock again asked that it be continued to another day, since he doesn’t understand the bill and his constituent who requested it again wasn’t present. Some day we will find out what this bill is intended to do.

Spoke to Del. Cox of Hanover county (Hargrove’s replacement) about HB 810, which we thought would permit Triple trailers on Virginia highways. He said No, that this has to do with the transporting of truck chassis, several propped on the back of one which is pulling, which we occasionally see on the highways. This being the case, it is not a problem for us, and we can stop worrying about it.

Tomorrow morning at 7 is Trans Sub 2 and I will report what happens about mid-morning. Still no sign of our two 3 ft. passing bills, altho I expect SB 566 to be on Thursday @ 2 in the Senate Trans. Comm.

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