Legislative Update 1/26/15: ‘Dooring’ & ‘Crossing the Double Yellow’ Pass Senate; ‘Stop For Peds’ Tabled

Bad news early this morning in House Transportation SubCommittee 2, as Del. Rob Krupicka from Alexandria’s HB2159 / Stop for Pedestrians in a Marked Crosswalk, despite strong support from five speakers, and none in opposition, was tabled by a 4-3 vote, with Betsy Carr (Richmond), Jeion Ward (Newport News) & LeMunyon (Chantilly) voting yea, while Chairman Garrett was joined by Scott Taylor (VA Beach), Terry Austin (Buchanan), & Todd Pillion (Abingdon) in voting to kill it.

Good news later in the day as the full Senate engrossed both SB781, the “Crossing the Double Yellow Line” bill, and SB 882, the “Dooring” bill, which usually means that they will be passed in the next day’s session.

HB1402 / Del. Loupassi’s Maintenance Reimbursement for Bike Lanes bill is on the docket for the House Transportation Committee tomorrow morning at 8:30.

See our updated list of bike-related bills for 2015, along with a detailed online spreadsheet.

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