New VA East Coast Greenway Guide Published

East Coast Greenway Virginia Guide Now Available

The VBF has worked with the East Coast Greenway and VA Department of Conservation and Recreation to publish the East Coast Greenway Virginia: A Guide to Bicycling and Walking.

The guides are spiral bound with a laminated cover and are perfect for using on the trail.

They  feature maps of the route, detailed cue sheets, alternate and linking routes and information on services, points of interest, and other important information for travelers.

You can get your guide free of charge at any of Virginia’s 12 Welcome Centers or you can order a copy  by mail (the cost is $5 for shipping and handling), or download the pdf for free.

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  • Wow…are they really suggesting people ride their bikes down portions of Route 1 in Northern Va? The 2 mile section from the Marine Corps Museum to Telegraph is a deathtrap on a bicycle. 2 lanes each direction, no shoulder, 50mph speed limit (people do 65+), and multiple off-ramps, and full of impatient drivers trying to bypass the I-95 backups by dumping onto Route 1.

  • @Micheal: the East Coast Greenway is to be off road as much as possible. It’s not all built yet. The section you describe is planned run along a future portion of the Potomac Heritage Trail.

  • Ah, ok. That would make more sense, though I think there really needs to be some warning about that section. From 619 to the Museum is a paved trail, but it doesn’t go past the museum, which would be since it would allow safe bike/ped access to Locust Shade Park a mile further down route 1.

    One of the reasons I don’t bike to work (Woodbridge to west side of Quantico MCB) is because of that Route 1 section…either I illegally cut through Quantico National Cemetary (signs posted no bicycles allowed), or take a 3 mile detour using the east side of Quantic MCB.

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