Pocahontas State Park an IMBA Ride Center?

Harrisonburg mountain biking. Photo by Chris Scott & Shenandoah Mountain Touring.

Photo by Chris Scott & Shenandoah Mountain Touring.

Richmond and central Virginia may become a major mountain biking destination, as Pocahontas State Park becomes an IMBA Ride Center.  (Story at Richmond Times-Dispatch)

This is big news.  Only 11 destinations worldwide that have achieved Ride Center status.  One is our own Harrisonburg.

A Ride Center™ has trails for all types and ability levels of mountain bikers. For example, Pocahontas State Park will have trails designed for users of hand cycles.

Special thanks to Greg Rollins, Jim Beamer, Jason Eige, and Governor Bob McDonnell.

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  • Hello, we are very interested in obtaining road bike trail information in the Richmond area. I am an amp. who rides a hand cycle with narrow tires thus we need paved trails . Thank you Fred Beaman

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