Support SB 1060 and Oppose SB 731 in the Virginia Senate Now

Breaking: SB1060 is up for a vote on the House floor and needs your support now. It has already passed the Senate.

SB1060 passed Senate Transportation Committee with 100% support! Read reports from Michael and from Bud.

The Virginia Senate Transportation Committee will consider two bicycle-related bills on Wednesday afternoon (1/23/13).

You can identify and contact your state legislators from the Who’s My Legislator page.

If your Senator is listed below, call or email them directly.  Otherwise, you may also call or bulk email the entire 14-member committee by simply copying the email addresses on this page and pasting them into your email program.

Senate Transportation Committee Members

Respectfully ask the Senate Transportation Committee members to:

1) Support SB 1060, Reeves
which would prohibit motorists from rear-ending or side-swiping bicyclists (i.e., following bicyclists too closely or passing bicyclists with less than a 3-foot gap).

2) Oppose SB 731, Carrico
which would prohibit riding mopeds on highways with speed limits above 35 MPH.  If moped riding is banned, bicycling may be next!

Thank you for acting on very short notice to improve bicycling in Virginia. Unfortunately, bills move swiftly at the Virginia General Assembly, and we only learned yesterday afternoon that these bill would be heard today.  If the Senate Transportation Committee reports these bill today, they will be considered by the full Senate in just a few days.

Due to the response to our recent action alerts, the Virginia Senate has already passed SB 736 (prohibits dooring), whereas the House Transportation Committee has passed HB 1950 (prohibits rear-ending bicyclists) with a 20-1 vote.

Thanks WABA for creating this action alert.

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  • We are visiting our grandkids in Manassas, Va for July 4 weekend. We are looking for bike trails.

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