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The Virginia Mountain Bike Trail — 480 Miles Along the Appalachians

Chris Scott and company have pioneered a continuous, 480-mile off-road trail along the Allegheny and Blue Ridge mountains, from Strasburg to Damascus. The majority of it is singletrack. Needless to say, this is awesome. Virginia now has a world-class, long-range mountain bike route, like the famous routes in Colorado and Arizona.

We’d love to tell you more, but we’d rather send you to Shenadoah Mountain Touring’s Virginia Mountain Bike Trail page.

Read more in the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Blue Ridge Outdoors; at Drunk Cyclist, and a thread, with pictures, at


Bike Magazine: Sketch: Double or Nothing — One man gambles his life’s earnings in the name of Virginian singletrack

See The Washington Post, 7/31/14: Along the Virginia Mountain Biking Trail, the adrenaline soars

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