Tour de Chesapeake 2008

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Enjoy a relaxing springtime tour through the scenic (and flat!) salt marsh country of Mathews County.  The Tour de Chesapeake is a 3 day event, with organized rides on just 1 day. Saturday has organized rides of 15, 20, 35, 50, and 62 miles — on scenic and flat back roads along Chesapeake Bay, the East River, and North River. Participants are encouraged to spend an extra day on Sunday, exploring the region on their own. Explore Gwynn’s Island or Mobjack, or bring a kayak or canoe for a pedal and paddle weekend. Did we say it was flat? No traffic either — this is a great opportunity to ease back onto the bike for the season. Enjoy a unique, multi-activity weekend exploring a special part of Virginia.


The Tour de Chesapeake is a BikeWalk Virginia event. BikeWalk supports VBF through its membership, and vice versa. VBF enthusiastically supports and promotes BikeWalk’s events and activities. VBF can promote your organization’s events too — a key benefit of joining VBF.

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