Webinar: Navigating MAP-21

You can also apply by November 30 to host a Navigating MAP-21 Workshop in your community.

From Brighid O’Keane:

This Wednesday, Nov. 28 from 2-3:00pm EST, Advocacy Advance is hosting a webinar to discuss the impact of the USDOT’s interim guidance on the new federal transportation bill, MAP-21.
After Congress passes a transportation bill, it’s up to the U.S. Department of Transportation to figure out how the law should be interpreted — and release “guidance” for your state department of transportation to follow. On this Navigating MAP-21 webinar, Caron Whitaker, League Vice President of Government Relations, and Darren Flusche, Director of Policy for the League and Advocacy Advance, will explain the importance of the recently released guidance, as well as the good and bad news for bicyclists.
This webinar is the fifth in an ongoing Navigating MAP-21 webinar series. Register to join us and find out how USDOT’s interpretation will impact your region.

Update: IMBA is having their own webinar about MAP-21 and mountain biking on Thursday.

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