Bikes on Trains webinar

Champe rolls a bike off the train at the Amtrak demonstration at the National Bike Summit in March

Join the League of American Bicyclists with their free webinar on Bikes on Trains on August 2.

From their site:


by Caron Whitaker

Please join our Bikes on Amtrak webinar, Wednesday, August 2, from 2 to 3:15pm EDT. Speakers from Amtrak, Adventure Cycling Association, and others will speak about current bicycle accomodations and services, the Amtrak Bicycle Task Force and plans for the future.

Register here:

Check out the latest issue of Bicycle Friendly America magazine for a look at Amtrak’s bike-carrying facilities.

With Amtrak service scheduled to reach Roanoke on October 31, many people want to know, will we be able to bring our bikes on the train? Unfortunately, no. Amtrak says:

Service to Roanoke is an extension of the Northeast Regional service. The service to Roanoke will not have a baggage car/checked baggage, so no checked bike service initially. The Northeast Regional service shares an equipment pool with the entire Northeastern United States. In order to provide carry-on bike service, we’ll need to make extensive modifications to our equipment.

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