VBF Calls for Proper Improvements on Section of Bike Route 1

The City of Richmond has plans to improve a section Forest Hill Avenue which also happens to  coincide with US Bike Route 1 — a long distance bike route from Calais, Maine to Key West, Florida. 

Though this section of road is considered an “urban, minor arterial road” for local traffic, it is a major thoroughfare for long distance, commuter, and recreational cyclists and pedestrians.

Though proposed plans don’t call for dedicated bike lanes, the Virginia Bicycling Federation has asked that the City of Richmond incorporate them, and other bike related accommodations, as part of the $12 million enhancement project. (Please see Champe’s letter to the City of Richmond, on the Hills and Heights blog.

This corridor is a bottleneck for bicycle and pedestrian traffic between downtown Richmond and southwestern suburbs, and surrounding Chesterfield County.  Due to existing natural, transportation and physical barriers, few convenient alternatives to Forest Hill Avenue exist. Many cyclists feel this is a tricky stretch of road to maneuver and want to make sure adequate changes are made to accommodate cyclists.

A copy of the proposed improvements may be found here:

Suggested additions and bike friendly improvements may be found here:


If you would like to see dedicated bike paths added to this section of Forest Hill Avenue (US Bike Route 1), go to and let officials know.

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