New Safety Posters Available — “Light Up the Night” & “Don’t Be Color Blind”

The VBF has created two new bike safety posters to promote safe cycling practices. (Click on the images below to download the PDFs.)

The first poster, “Light Up the Night” encourages riders to wear bright colors and equip their bikes with lights and blinkies while riding at night.   Virginia law requires a bike to be equipped with a headlamp and reflectors, and a red taillight on roads with a speed limit of 35 MPH or greater, when riding between sunset and sunrise.

Light Up the Night - Be Safe Be Seen - bike safety poster.

The second poster, “Color Blind” reminds cyclists that a bike is considered a vehicle on Virginia roads, and requires cyclists to obey all signals and traffic markings, as is required for cars and trucks.

Don't Be Color Blind - stop for red lights - bike safety poster

The VBF encourages people to download these posters, and distribute them at local schools, bike shops and businesses.  The PDF files are optimized for an 11″ x 17″ poster, but other sizes will work too.

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