Proposed New Edition of MUTCD Published For Review

Update: the new edition of the MUTCD has been released.

by Richard C. Moeur, PE

This morning (02 January 2008), the Federal Register contained a notice announcing a proposed new edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the national standard for all signs, signals, markings, and other devices used to control traffic in the US — including bicyclists operating on roads, streets, and paths.

FHWA has placed the proposed content for the new edition of the MUTCD up on their website at for public review and comment.

However, the manner in which this information is presented by FHWA might be a bit unwieldy, especially if one is interested in looking at one specific part of the Manual. So what I’ve done is chopped up and rearranged the draft material a bit, and grouped it by MUTCD Part. Each file contains (by Part):

  • Proposed new MUTCD text, in “plain” format (no revisions shown)
  • Proposed new MUTCD text, with additions, revisions, and strikeouts
  • Proposed new tables
  • Proposed new figures

I’ve tried to preserve the original page numbering, and bookmarks are provided for easy navigation. For right now, I’ve put these files on my website at This webpage also has tips on posting comments to the docket and other useful info. Feel free to redistribute or forward as needed.

Part 9 of the MUTCD is the section that deals specifically with bicycle facilities, although all the other Parts do affect bicyclists to varying degrees. New items proposed for Part 9 include:

  • Mode-Specific signs for skaters & other users
  • Revised numbered bicycle route marker signs & plaques
  • Reference Location Signs (Mileposts) for paths
  • Bicycle-specific direction & distance signing
  • Revision of Use of Bike Lane Signs
  • Shared Lane Markings
  • Bikes May Use Full Lane regulatory signs

One more thing: references and citations to relevant research or studies can help increase the credibility of individual or organizational comments. The docket number is 28977, and comments are accepted at until Thursday, 31 July 2008. Let the rulemaking fun begin!

Richard C. Moeur, PE is the Chair of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD) Bicycle Technical Committee. This article was originally posted on Usenet.

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