Rail-With-Trail for Virginia Beach?

With the planned extension of Hampton Roads Transit’s Tide light rail into Virginia Beach, we’re thrilled that a trail along the rail corridor is finally being seriously considered. Rail-with-trail is a win for everyone, addressing every point in the goals of the rail project itself:

  • Improve access, operations and reliability of the public transportation system
  • Provide a cost-effective, efficient travel option that connects residential and employment areas as well as recreational venues
  • Implement service that helps manage growth in vehicle miles traveled and supports the development of sustainable and livable communities
  • Support Virginia Beach economic development activities consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and related land use strategies
  • Support the tourism industry of Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads region by providing an alternative to travel on congested roadways
  • Support preservation and protection of the environment

With congestion and parking an issue in almost every beach town, shouldn’t we be providing safe routes to the beach for biking and walking?

Read the rest of the story:  Bike, walking path proposed along VB light rail extension

Special thanks to Bruce Drees.

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