Richmond 2015 Team Named Person of the Year; “Cycling” Named Richmonder of the Year

The Richmond Times-Dispatch named the Richmond 2015 team — the group behind September’s bike races that brought international attention to the region — its inaugural Person of the Year on Wednesday.

The team that put on the 2015 UCI Road World Championships, along with 39 other honorees and a dozen Hall of Fame inductees, will be featured in the December edition of Discover Richmond. (Click to read more at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.)

…and from Richmond Magazine:

Wheels of fortune: We are living in the year of the bicycle.

Wheels of fortune: We are living in the year of the bicycle.

Cycling won 2015 in Richmond. Period. It wasn’t even close, really. We’re talking a Peter Sagan-post-23rd-Street-climb separation from the pack.

Whether the UCI Road World Championships generated an economic windfall is to be answered in a study due this month, but by other measures, the Worlds were a resounding success. Visitors and athletes raved about how well organized the nine-day championships were, how friendly Richmonders are, and how neat RVA is.

Preliminary estimates put the number of on-site spectators at an astounding 645,000 — 195,000 more than organizers projected. (Click to read more at Richmond Magazine.)

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