The 480-mile Virginia Mountain Bike Trail has been featured in The Washington Post.

Please Take the VTrans 2040 Intermodal Transportation Survey

VTrans 2040

PotomacCyclist writes:

VTrans 2040 is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s long-range multimodal statewide (Commonwealth-wide?) transportation plan. Responses to the VTrans online survey will help to shape the long-term plans for Virginia. If you want to participate and let Virginia know how you feel about transportation planning, check out the survey. As an added incentive, they are holding prize drawings on Aug. 15, Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, for a $100 gift card.

But the primary purpose is to help shape transportation planning in Virginia. The survey takes less than 10 minutes.

From their website: “The Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment is located within the Office of the Secretary of Transportation and was created in 2002 to encourage the coordination of multimodal and intermodal planning across the various transportation modes within the Commonwealth. Since then, the office has produced multiple statewide planning efforts, performance reports and collaborated with multiple entities to promote a safe, strategic and seamless transportation system.”

“The office now consists of 3 staff members and is supported by all the agencies involved in Virginia’s transportation system.”

It’s not a large organization like VDOT is, but there’s no downside (that I can see) to filling out the survey.

Spirit 76 Ride — Sat. Sept. 6 in Chesterfield

Spirit 76 Ride - Chesterfield County - proceeds support CCHASM

The Spirit 76 Ride supports CCHASM

The Chesterfield, Colonial Heights Alliance for Social Ministry invites you to join them on the Spirit 76 ride, a fully sagged and supported tour of scenic Chesterfield County, Saturday September 6 at the Bethia United Methodist Church, 10700 Winterpock Road, Chesterfield, Virginia 23832.

Choose from 76, 40, 25, and 25 mile family ride options, as well as 12.48 and 4.81 mile off-road options and Pocahontas State Park.

Riders who raise $250 via the fundraiser option will ride for free, and receive a $100 gift certificate from Agee’s Bicycles.

Of course there’s an after-ride pizza party! Each rider will receive two tickets to win door prizes.

Proceeds from the ride will benefit area residents through financial assistance for food, clothing, utilities and rent.

See the Spirit 76 Ride page for more information and to register.

National Interscholastic Cycling Association — A Junior Mountain Bike Racing League



It is an exciting time to be a cycling supporter in any capacity – as a rider, spectator, coach, or promoter. In Virginia, there are two big things that we have to look forward to. The first is that Virginia will host the best professional road riders in the world when the World Championships are held in Richmond in September 2015. The second is that Virginia is in the midst of developing a new junior interscholastic cycling program. [click to continue…]

VBF presents Del. McQuinn (D-Richmond) with Bike Friendly Award

Champe Burnley, Sheryl Finucane, Michael Gilbert, Del. Delores McQuinn, Bud Vye, and Tom Bowden -- presenting Del. McQuinn with VBF's Bicycling Friendly Award.

Champe Burnley, Sheryl Finucane, Michael Gilbert, Del. Delores McQuinn, Bud Vye, and Tom Bowden.

Virginia Bicycling Federation would like to thank Del. McQuinn (D-Richmond) for being the patron of HB 542, and Del. Gilbert (R-Shenandoah) for amending the verbiage of the bill to ensure its passage. This was the second year Del. McQuinn was the patron of the “mask” bill.

Before the bill was passed, it was illegal for a cyclist to wear a mask in the winter, and being found guilty of doing so would result in a felony. The law also affected those who would participate in winter sports (skiing, boating, others) as well as hunters – essentially anyone who might wear a mask to shield and protect them from the elements.

Bicycling is a non-partisan issue and we thank both delegates for their hard work on this bill to amend and modernize Virginia code.

If you had not heard, Del. McQuinn is running in a firehouse primary for Sen. Marsh’s seat in District 16 (link). If you are unsure if you are in this district, be sure to use the Who’s My Legislator? product to find out!

Three Foot Passing Law in Virginia Begins July 1


Click the image to order these bumper stickers from Drive Smart Virginia.

Beginning July 1, Virginia’s roads will be safer with the adoption of a statewide three foot passing law. Current law requires that motorists pass people on bikes by only two feet.

The legislation was sponsored by Senator Bryce Reeves, R-Spotsylvania: “Our ability to be able to work across the aisle and build relationships in a bipartisan manner allowed us to successfully get this commonsense legislation approved. Those that are active in the bicycling community—as well as my Republican and Democrat friends in both the House of Delegates and the Senate—were all part of making this legislation possible. I will continue to work very hard on areas where we can find common ground and consensus for the people of Virginia.”

Thanks go out to Senator Reeves, and cyclists across the state for their emails, phone calls and meetings with legislators. A special thanks goes to the VBF legislative team headed by Bud Vye who has been working tirelessly for nearly ten years to get this law changed.

Download and read the press release (PDF).

Help Complete Richmond Ride Center — Vote for the Bell-Built Grant

Do you think Richmond Ride Center should win the Bell Built Grant? Please vote!

Go to, then{

  1. Select your finalist — Richmond Regional Ride Center
  2. Enter your email
  3. Enter the verification code – robot votes, alias addresses and disposable emails don’t count
  4. Check the Bell Helmets and IMBA Newsletter Opt-in
  5. Go to your inbox and open the confirmation email
  6. Click the confirmation link
  7. See your vote count back on

Finally, please share this with your mailing lists and social media.

2014 USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals, May 2-4: A Warm-Up for Richmond 2015

Come to Richmond this weekend, May 2-4, for the national collegiate road cycling championships. This will be an exciting warm-up for the Richmond 2015 World Cycling Championships, as races will be held on the same courses.

See the Richmond 2015 website for more information, including about Frieday’s block party, the Spectator Guide, Consumer Expo, and Saturday’s 2015 Criterium that you can enter.

Below are the race schedule, and PDF maps of the courses.

FRIDAY  Event  Group  Description 
9 a.m. Team Time Trial Female Division 2 31 km
To follow Team Time Trial Female Division 1 31 km
To follow Team Time Trial Male Division 2 31 km
To follow Team Time Trial Male Division 1 31 km
1 p.m. Individual Time Trial Female Division 2 31 km
To follow Individual Time Trial Female Division 1 31 km
To follow Individual Time Trial Male Division 2 31 km
To follow Individual Time Trial Male Division 1 31 km
SATURDAY  Event  Group  Description 
8 a.m. Criterium Male Cat 5 Non-Championship
8:30 a.m. Criterium Male Cat ¾ Non-Championship
9:30 a.m. Criterium Male Masters 35+/45+ Non-Championship
10:30 a.m. Criterium Male Juniors Non-Championship
12 p.m. Criterium Female Division 2 50 min + 3 laps
1 p.m. Criterium Female Division 1 50 min + 3 laps
2 p.m. Criterium Male Division 2 70 min + 3 laps
3:30 p.m. Criterium Male Division 1 70 min + 3 laps
5 p.m. Criterium Female Pro 1/2/3 Non-Championship
6:30 p.m. Criterium Male Pro 1/2/3 Non-Championship
SUNDAY  Event  Group  Description 
7 a.m. Road Race Female Division 2 78 km (5 laps)
9:50 a.m. Road Race Female Division1 78 km (5 laps)
1 p.m. Road Race Male Division 2 109.2 km (7 laps)
4:20 p.m. Road Race Male Division 1 109.2 km (7 laps)

Friday Time Trial

Saturday Criterium

Sunday Road Race

Three Virginia Legislators Receive Bicycling Friendly Awards

Three Virginia legislators have been given VBF’s Bicycling Friendly Award for their efforts during the 2014 session of the Virginia General Assembly.

Bud Vye and Senator Reeves

Senator Reeves and Bud Vye

Senator Bryce Reeves, (R-Spotsylvania) was the Chief Patron of SB 97, the Three Foot Passing bill, which was recently signed into law by Governor Terry McAuliffe. The law goes into effect on July 1.

Also recognized for their support of pro-bike legislation were Delegate Barbara Comstock (R-Fairfax/ Loudoun) who sponsored the following too closely legislation, HB 82…

Delegate Barbara Comstock Receiving her Award

Delegate Barbara Comstock Receiving her Award

…and Senator Chap Petersen (D- Fairfax)  who sponsored the anti-dooring bill (SB 225).

Senator Petersen Receiving Award from Champe Burnley

Senator Chap Petersen Receiving Award from Champe Burnley

Despite great efforts to get Petersen and Comstock’s  legislation through, both bills were defeated.

A big thanks to these legislators who supported our efforts to make Virginia a more friendly place to ride bikes.

Richmond Ride Center Named Bell-Built Grant Finalist

Richmond Regional Ride Center is a Bell-Built Grant finalist.

IMBA reports:

Bell Bike Helmets and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) have announced the 12 finalists for the 2014 Bell Built Grants: $100,000 in technical assistance money put up by Bell for three bike projects to be built in 2014 by IMBA Trail Solutions. Public voting to choose the winners begins April 7 and ends May 18, with winners announced May 19.

Stand by to cast your vote!   [click to continue…]