Central Shenandoah Valley Bicycling Survey – Please Complete, & Share!


From Thanh Dang in Harrisonburg:

“The Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission is conducting a survey to collect information about bicyclists in our region. This survey is for VISITORS to the area and RESIDENTS. Please take a few minutes to tell them about your experience in biking in the area.

Take the Survey!

The survey is sponsored by Shenandoah County Tourism, Byrce Resort, Harrisonburg Tourism, Rockingham County, Massanutten Resort, Greater Augusta Regional Tourism, Lexington & the Rockbridge Area Tourism, and the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition.”

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FHWA Releases New Separated Bike Lane Planning & Design Guide

Get your local planners and engineers to take the Green Lane Project protected bike lane survey. The deadline is August 14, 2015.

A separated bike lane

From Arlington County’s Dave Goodman:

THIS is a big deal.


Back in 2013 the Federal Highway Administration, acknowledging the need for more modern, urban bikeway design guidance, officially recognized resources provided by NACTO and others that were already available. Now, the federal government has developed its own set of standards. These new standards will likely be more readily incorporated by the various state DOT’s that collectively administer the bulk of transportation funding in this country. This in turn, should make it easier to incorporate modern, urban bikeway features into actual ROW improvement projects, regardless of their funding source or who is administering it.


Read more from FHWA.

Would Protected Bike Lanes Encourage You To Bike More? (MobilityLab)

Protected Bike Lanes Open in Pentagon City (ArlNOW)


Protected Bike Lanes Get a Big Boost (Bicycling.Com)

Fairfax County To Get 34 Miles of New Bike Lanes

  • Fairfax County will get about new 34.6 miles in bike improvements to help build out its future 1,130-mile bike network.
  • The improvements on about 20 roads will be made by VDOT’s through its paving program, and the agency worked in partnership with the county to identify, design and install the lanes and markings.
  • The improvements move foward Fairfax County’s 10-year Bicycle Master Plan.

Fairfax County encompasses much of what is known as Northern Virginia — the Washington DC suburbs.
Many thanks to Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling (FABB). Follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@BikeFairfax).

AAA Mid-Atlantic Adds Bicycle Service to Membership

Legendary Roadside Assistance Now Includes Bicycles At No Extra Cost 

RICHMOND, VA (Friday, May 15, 2015) – AAA Mid-Atlantic, long known as the premier and trusted provider of roadside assistance for stranded motorists, announced today that bicycle roadside assistance is now included as part of its legendary service.  Members do not need to do anything – the bicycle coverage is now automatically embedded into each current level of membership.

This news is anticipated to be well received in the Commonwealth due to the current hype surrounding the UCI World Championships which are coming to Richmond in September. In addition, according to the League of American Bicyclists, Virginia is ranked high among the top bike friendly states, coming in at the 13th spot for 20015. “Enthusiasm for biking in Virginia is at an all-time high as the final preparations for the championships are underway.  AAA is thrilled to join the celebration by debuting bike service at this exciting time for the cycling community,” [click to continue…]

Welcome to Bike Month!

Did you know? May is Bike Month, as promoted by the League of American Bicyclists, and officially recognized by the Governor of Virginia:

Governor McAuliffe's official recognition of  May as Bike Month in 2015

Click image to download a PDF.

May 1 is also the start of the National Bike Challenge, where you can log and share your miles with others across the US, earning points and prizes.

Did you also know? Virginians have created some of the largest Bike Month events, like Arlington’s Bike to Work Day:

Please let us know what your community is doing for Bike Month, Bike to Work Day, and Walk and Bike to School Day.  Post it in the comments below, including links.  Let us know on Facebook and on Twitter (@vabike), and share your photos too.

The League has provided good resources to promote your Bike Month events, including a guide, promotional materials such as posters and web graphics, and social media resources such as facts, figures, infographics, sample tweets and hashtags.

Tell Congress: “I Support Bicycling and Walking.”

From the League of American Bicyclists:

UPDATE 4/23: Last week, Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) said they are ” nearly done” drafting the transportation bill. This is our BEST chance to get the Transportation Alternatives Program we want in the bill. Please ask your Senators to co-sponsor the Transportation Alternatives Program Improvement Act. Adding their name to the bill will tell Chairman Inhofe and Ranking Member Boxer know there is broad support for a robust program to fund bike lanes, trails, sidewalks and bike share.

Read more, and take action now.

Bicycling-Friendly Legislators Receive Awards

With much gratitude, the Virginia Bicycling Federation has presented Bicycling Friendly Awards to our top supporters during the 2015 legislative session. If you are a constituent of any of these legislators, please send them a note of thanks as well!

Champe Burnley, Del. Bill DeSteph,, and Bud Vye.

Del. Bill DeSteph, patron of HB 1348, “Following (Bicycles) Too Closely”

Champe Burnley and Del. Jim LeMunyon

Del. Jim LeMunyon, member of House Transportation Committee and Subcommittee 2 supported all of our bills during this session.

Bud Vye, Del. Betsy Carr, Champe Burnley

Del. Betsy Carr, member of House Transportation Committee and Subcommittee 2 has supported all of our bills since she has been in the legislature.

Champe Burnley and Sen. Ken Alexander

Sen. Ken Alexander, member of Senate Transportation Committee and patron of SB781, “OK to Cross the Double Yellow Line to Pass People on Bikes”

Champe Burnley, Sen. Bryce Reeves, Bud Vye

Sen. Bryce Reeves, co-patron of “OK to Cross the Double Yellow Line to Pass People on Bikes” (SB1228, combined with SB781)

Champe Burnley, Sen. Rosalyn Dance, Bud Vye

Sen. Rosalyn Dance, co-patron of a bill to preserve lane-mile funding for cities and towns when lanes are converted to bike lanes (for road diets)

Del. Manoli Loupassi receives Bicycling Friendly Award - with Tom Bowden (R) and Bud Vye (L)

Del. Manoli Loupassi, patron of HB 1402, “Preserving Lane-Mile Based Funding for Lanes Converted to Bike Lanes (Road Diets)”

2015 Legislative Recap

These Short (46 day) Sessions really fly by, and this one was no exception. Unlike some years, we had more in the way of successful results than usual. In the partisan world that is the Legislature these days, much of our success has been due not to the increased merits of our positions, but rather to the fact that our successful patrons and co-patrons have been from the majority party’s side of the aisle.

First the BAD NEWS, as we did have several bills we would have liked to get passed FAIL to survive at some point along the difficult winnowing process. In this category were…

SB 882 the “Dooring” bill “No operator shall open the door of a motor vehicle on the side adjacent to moving traffic unless it is reasonably safe to do so”. Passed through Senate Transportation 9-3; through the Senate 27-12; but was rejected in House Transportation SubCommittee2 by 4-3

HB 2159 “Motorist to stop for a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk” As has been the case with this bill a number of times over the last decade, it again failed to survive in House Transportation SubCommittee2, this time by a 4-3 vote.

HB 1926 & SB 1279 Two similar bills “to prohibit a person operating a motor vehicle from using a personal communications device, unless its operation is hands-free” both failed early, the House bill in the Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee by a voice vote, and the Senate bill by an 8-7 vote in the Senate Transportation Committee.

But some GOOD NEWS followed, as…

SB1220 & HB1342 the identical bills stating that “The driver of a motor vehicle shall not follow another vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer more closely than is reasonable and prudent” both passed all the way through. The Senate bill unanimously clearing both Senate Transportation and the Senate floor, while the House bill came through Transportation Sub2 6-1, Transportation 20-2, and the House floor 75-22

SB 781 including two other identical Senate bills, 1027 & 1228 that were rolled into it, which provided that “A motorist may cross the double yellow (or solid and broken) line in order to pass a bicycle or pedestrian provided such movement can be made safely” also passed all the way through, clearing Senate Transportation 13-2, Senate floor 37-1, House Trans Sub2 6-1, House Trans 21-1, and House floor 87-9

HB 1402 into which several other bills were either rolled or dropped, provided for “VDOT to reimburse Cities and Towns for maintenance of travel lanes, even if lanes were converted to bike lanes” This bill became controversial and got amended several times, becoming strictly for the City of Richmond (instead of statewide), for one year only, but to be studied by the Secretary of Transportation’s office prior to being brought back next year, before it was finally passed, getting through the House by 84-12, and the Senate unanimously.

All these bills now go on to the Governor for his signature prior to taking effect on July 1.

Three other bills which we opposed all failed to report out of their first committee hearing. This group included…

HB 1746 which would require “Bicyclists to be on a bicycle path or trail, provided one was available, rather than on the highway”

HB 2353 “Prohibiting operation of mopeds on highways where the posted speed limit is greater than 45 miles per hour”

SB 1175 “Permitting localities to impose a tax on bicycle rentals”

Thanks to all who took the trouble to make contacts to their legislators in support of, or opposition to, these bills. Their efforts were definitely helpful and much appreciated, and if you haven’t thanked your legislator for their support (or expressed your disappoint at their lack of it) its not too late to do so.

Legislative Update 2/18/15: Heavily Amended HB1402 ‘Road Diet Bill’ Clears Senate Transpo; SB781 ‘Crossing the Double Yellow’ Up for House Vote

Amendments were flying today in Senate Transportation as HB1402, Delegate Loupassi of Richmond’s bill to provide that cities and towns would not lose their highway maintenance payments from VDOT if they converted travel lanes to transit or bicycle lanes was being heard.

I’m not absolutely positive what the final bill will look like until I see it in writing, but my take on what ended up being Reported unanimously contained amendments — to make it apply only to Richmond; then to put a one year “Sunset” date of 7/1/16 on it; then (after a number of witnesses from other jurisdictions strongly testified that it was needed statewide to eliminate the current disincentive to convert travel lanes to bike lanes) an amendment from Sen. Barbara Favola of Fairfax was passed to expand the scope of the bill to the entire state; then, finally to refer the entire matter to further Study by the Secretary of Transportation’s staff to be taken up again next year.

If I’m incorrect, I’ll clarify the situation, but I think the bottom line is — Richmond only, for transit and bike lanes, for one year, then the entire statewide situation to be revisited in the next legislative session.

Meanwhile, on the House floor, SB781, the “Crossing the Double Yellow Line” bill, had second reading today and should be up for third reading and a vote tomorrow, so this is your last chance to get on board a ship that is “sailing through” by sending a request for support to your Delegate tonight or tomorrow morning prior to tomorrow’s vote, if you haven’t done so already.