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Legislative Update 2/16/15 — ‘Dooring’ Dies in Subcommittee, ‘Crossing the Double Yellow’ Gets Through

One for two in House Trans Sub 2 this morning starting at 6:55 a.m. as Sen. Chap Petersen went first with the “Dooring” bill (SB882) and gave a good presentation, followed by VBF support, only to go down by a 3-4 vote, with Carr, Ward, & LeMunyon voting Aye, and Taylor, Austin, and Pillion joining Chairman Garrett in opposition. After the hearing, we asked Sen. Petersen if he would request a reconsideration before the Full House Transportation Committee and he agreed to do so to Del. Rust of Herndon, the Chair of the full committee. If granted, the bill would then be heard by the full committee tomorrow morning at 8:30.

Next up was SB781, the “Crossing the Double Yellow Line” bill, now in its amended form to include the ability to also cross a solid line with a broken line on the opposite side of it. Co-Patron Sen. Reeves began the presentation of the bill, and then was joined by the Patron Sen. Alexander, both of whom gave strong support. After some discussion, including questions of Capt. Glick (the representative of the State Police), who supported the bill and was asked how it would be enforced, answering with a “Reckless Driving” citation if the crossing of the line was observed to be an unsafe one, and then comments by Chairman Garrett who indicated that “we would not be having this discussion if we had not passed the Three Foot Passing bill last year”, there was a move to Report, which passed by a 6-1 vote, with only Chairman Garrett voting Nay. Now the bill goes on to the Full House Transportation Committee tomorrow at 8:30.

Requests by constituents to their Trans Comm members to Support the bill tomorrow will definitely be helpful:

  • Chairman Rust — Herndon
  • Vice Chairman Villanueva — VaBeach
  • Hugo — Prince William
  • Scott — Culpeper
  • Habeeb — Salem
  • Anderson — Woodbridge
  • Minchew — Leesburg
  • Yancey — NewportNews
  • LeMunyon — Chantilly (w/thanks for support in subcommittee)
  • Davis — VaBeach
  • Taylor — VaBeach (w/thanks for support in subcommittee)
  • Austin — Bedford (w/thanks for support in subcommittee)
  • LaRock — Hamilton
  • Pillion — Abingdon (w/thanks for support in subcommittee)
  • Ward — Newport News (w/thanks for support in subcommittee)
  • Carr — Richmond (w/thanks for support in subcommittee)
  • McQuinn — Richmond
  • BaCote — Newport News
  • Toscano — Charlottesville
  • Filler-Corn — Springfield
  • Plum — Reston

Legislative Update 2/11/15 — ‘Following Too Closely’ Clears Senate Committee; ‘Maintenance Funding for Road Diets’ Still in the Works

After getting a pleasant surprise yesterday, while expecting Sen. Reeves’ SB1220/Following Too Closely to go into House Transportation SubCommittee2 next Monday, we learned instead that it had bypassed Sub2 and been heard directly in House Transportation yesterday morning, where it was reported by a 19-3 vote, with only Delegates Hugo (Prince William) & Austin (Bedford) joining Scott Garrett (Lynchburg) in opposing it. Now it goes on to the House Floor, where final passage should happen later this week.

Del. De Steph’s identical House Bill 1342 was handled this afternoon in Senate Transportation by being included in a bloc with several other bills that had identical versions on the Senate side, and the bloc was reported unanimously without any discussion. Now it goes on to the Senate floor for final passage which should also happen later this week.

The other bill we were interested in that was on the Senate Trans docket this afternoon, Del. Loupassi’s HB1402 which would permit VDOT maintenance reimbursement to Cities and Towns for lane miles that are converted to bike or transit lanes did generate some discussion. After some back and forth it was “Passed by for the Day”, with the patron and Transportation Dept. officials being directed to discuss it further with the Senators who had concerns about its language so that some changes could be made prior to the bill being heard again next Wednesday.

Prior to that, we have only SB781 “Crossing the Double Yellow Line” and SB882 “the Dooring bill”, both of which will be heard in House Trans Sub2 next Monday. As usual, we can use the help of our Northern VA folks to ask Del. LeMunyon’s support and our Hampton Roads folks to ask Del. Taylor’s so we can get these bills out of this SubCommittee, which would appear to be our last major obstacle.

Action Alert: Support HB1342 & HB1402 in Senate Transpo Committee by Wed. Morning

These bills have already been passed by the House.  They stand a good chance of becoming law if we can get them through the Senate Transportation Committee, which meets mid-afternoon on Wednesday.  

Especially if your senator is listed below, please email or call their office by Wednesday morning, and ask them to support these bills.  

Bud Vye writes:

A big docket in Senate Transportation Committee tomorrow after lunch includes our two House bills that have passed the House and Crossed Over to the Senate —

HB 1342 Del DeSteph’s “Following Too Closely”

& HB 1402 Del. Loupassi’s “Maintenance Reimbursement for Lanes that are used for Bike Lanes or Bus Rapid Transit” (preserves maintenance funding based on lane-miles when road diets are implemented)

Northern Virginia folks should contact Senators…

  • Marsden 804 698 7537 or, Colgan 804 698 7529 or,
  • Favola 804 698 7531 or and
  • Wexton 804 698-7533 or

…(particularly if they are YOUR Senators) and ask them to SUPPORT these bills tomorrow afternoon.

Similarly, Hampton Roads folks should contact Senators…

  • Wagner 804 698 7507 or,
  • McWaters 804 698 7508 or,
  • Alexander 804 698 7505 or district,
  • & Cosgrove 804 698 7514 or

…and ask their support.

Also on the Committee from around the state are Senators…

  • Newman (Lynchburg) 698-7523 or,
  • Deeds (Charlottesville) 804 698 7525 or,
  • Smith (Roanoke) 804 698 7519 or &
  • Edwards (Roanoke) 804 698 7521 or

Stay with us! We’re making progress and we can see the finish line for these bills if we can clear this hurdle tomorrow.

Bud Vye

Legislative Update 2/3/15 — Moped Bill Dies, Contact Your Legislators About ‘Dooring’ & ‘Crossing the Double Yellow’

HB 2353 Prohibiting operation of Mo-Peds on Highways where the posted speed is greater than 45 mph was listed on the docket in House Trans Sub 3 at 4 p.m. A bare quorum of 3 finally showed up to join the Chairman, and only two bills were heard and reported; one bill had its patron in another meeting so was reported so it could be heard in full House Trans; and the others (including HB2353) were stricken from the docket as their patron was not in attendance. Lots of waiting around followed by a brief flurry of activity, but a good result as we can now forget about HB2353 and cross it off our list.

Also good news with our only other bill needing action prior to Crossover — SB1220/Senator Reeves’ Don’t Follow Too Closely being passed on the Senate floor by a 38 – 0 vote.

Now it joins our other Senate bills that have passed and await crossing over to the House next week — the “Dooring” and “Crossing the Double Yellow” bills…

…and our House bills that have passed and await crossing over to the Senate — Following too Closely and Maintenance Reimbursement for Bike Lanes.

A bit of a breather for the rest of the week, but we’ve got some work awaiting us next week, particularly with the Dooring and Crossing the Double Yellow bills in the House, both with Democrat patrons. Stay with us, and be ready to call YOUR legislators when the bills are listed, as we’ve got a great chance to get them all through if we keep working at it.

Legislative Update 2/2/15 – Mandatory Sidepaths Tabled

Got lucky at 7 this morning in House Trans Sub 2 as Del. Riley Ingram’s (who’s District includes Hopewell and across the Benj. Harrison Bridge to Charles City county) HB1746 Mandatory Sidepath bill was heard first. Stating that he had been swamped with EMails from around the state, he was amending the bill from statewide to only Rt. 5 and the Virginia Capital Trail. He further stated that a female constituent had contacted him, stating that driving east on Rt.5 in Charles City county, with a completed section of the Trail alongside (on which millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money had been spent) she came around a bend only to find cyclists riding four abreast in the highway, who she almost hit. Her request to him was, “Please do what you can to get those cyclists off the road and onto that Trail. I couldn’t live with myself, if I had hit one of them”.

After I stated that this incident did not warrant banning cyclists from the entire length of Rt. 5, Del. Ingram responded that he would further amend his bill to cover only Rt. 5 in Charles City county. Given a final chance to respond by Chairman Garrett, I stated that this section was on Bike Rt. 76, the TransAmerica Trail, and although cyclists would generally opt to ride the Trail rather than the road, there would be occasions when it would be preferable to be on the road, and they should have that option. Further, I mentioned that the Commonwealth Trans Board already had the authority to restrict slow traffic from highway sections where they thought they would be unsafe, so no further legislation was necessary. With that, the Chairman called for a vote, and by 7-0 the bill was tabled, although he offered Del. Ingram the chance to rework the bill into something “acceptable” if he could do so by tomorrow or Thursday so it could be heard in the Full Committee’s final meetings prior to Crossover. In talking to Del. Ingram (who is a really good guy) after the meeting, we apologized for the riders’ improper behavior, stating we would continue to preach for proper riding, whereupon he replied that he thought he would “drop the matter”. Tomorrow’s House Trans Comm docket does not list this bill, which I believe confirms his intention.

Our other bill that we were opposing, to restrict mo-peds to highways with 45 mph speed limits or below, was listed for House Trans SubComm3 at 4 p.m., but upon arrival we and a number of Committee members, Patron Delegates and the usual attendees were informed by the Clerk that the meeting was postponed, to be rescheduled. Later, we learned that it will be tomorrow at 4 p.m.

The only other bill of interest to us that is still being considered prior to Crossover, SB1220, Sen. Reeves’ Following Too Closely bill, had 2nd reading on the Senate floor today, so 3rd reading and vote should be tomorrow or Wednesday. If and when it passes, it will be conformed with Del. DeSteph’s identical House bill, and it will go to the Governor for his signature.

Our other bills, Dooring, Crossing the Double Yellow Line, and Reimbursement for Bike Lanes, have all passed their House of origin, and are awaiting Crossover (which is not til next week), so it appears we will have the rest of the week off after tomorrow’s House TransSubComm3 meeting.

Legislative Update 1/30/15: HB1402 & HB1342 Pass House

HB1402 (providing Maintenance Payments even if motor vehicle lanes are converted to bike lanes) PASSED the House today by a 84-12 vote and now joins the following two bills that have passed their originating body and are awaiting Crossover — SB781 (Crossing the Double Yellow Line) and SB882 (the Dooring bill).

HB1342 (Del. DeSteph’s Following Too Closely bill) has also passed the House, but Sen. Reeves’ identical SB1220 is now on the Senate floor awaiting passage. Should it pass, as I expect, it and Del. DeSteph’s House bill will go into Conference Committee and be “conformed” into one bill considered as having passed all the way through the process so it can be forwarded to the Governor for his signature.

That leaves us with only two other bills still alive prior to Crossover, both of which will be heard in House Transportation SubCommittees on Monday, and both of which we will be opposing — HB1746 (the Mandatory Sidepath bill) which is at 7 a.m. in Sub 2, and HB2353 (Restricting Mo-Peds to Highways with speed limits of 45 or under) which is in Sub 3 at 4 p.m.

It won’t hurt for everyone to contact their Senators in favor of Sen. Reeves’ SB1220 (Following too closely bill)…

…and for constituents to contact LeMunyon (Chantilly), Austin (Bedford), Taylor (Va Beach), Pillion (Abingdon), Ward (Newport News), and Carr (Richmond) in opposition to HB1746

…and for constituents to contact Hugo (Fairfax & Prince William), Scott (Culpeper), Yancey (Newport News), Davis (VA Beach),McQuinn (Richmond) & Plum (Fairfax) in opposition to HB2353

Thanks again for everyone’s efforts! We’re well on our way to having a very productive session.

Legislative Report — January 28, Part 2

I had a family commitment today, but Champe did a fine job of covering the Senate Transportation Committee meeting, as four bills, all of which had previously been heard in the House with different patrons, were on the docket.

SB952, patroned by Sen. Dance of Petersburg & Richmond, which is identical to Del. Loupassi’s HB 1402, providing for Highway Maintenance payments from VDOT to jurisdictions even if lanes are converted to bike lanes was Passed by Indefinitely by a unanimous voice vote and referred to a Committee for further study. Since Del. Loupassi’s bill has already cleared the House Trans Sub2 and the House Trans Committees and appears to be sailing through, this result was not unexpected, and the Committee didn’t seem to see a need to let this duplicate bill go forward. So strike SB952 off your list, as henceforth we will only be following HB1402, which presently is on the House floor.

SB953, also carried by Sen. Dance, which was a duplicate of Del. Betsy Carr’s HB1502, providing for the Payments from VDOT to jurisdictions for the maintenance of paved trails that had been built by VDOT, met a fate similar to that met by 952, and it can also be stricken off your list. It’s demise was not a surprise either, since the identical HB1502 had not survived in the House Transportation SubCommittee.

Next came SB1220 the Don’t Follow Too Closely bill carried by Sen. Bryce Reeves of Fredericksburg, the House version of which, carried by Del. DeSteph of VA Beach, has already cleared the House and is awaiting crossover. Quick work was made of this one as, after Champe Burnley spoke in favor of it, it was Reported unanimously (15-0) with the yea votes including that of Sen. Carrico. Since this was his very first vote in favor of a Bicycling Safety bill in more than a decade, I lost my bet with Champe and gladly owe him a bottle of Champagne. I have a similar bet, which I also hope I can lose the first time Del. Scott Garrett votes for a bike safety bill. He did vote for Del. Loupassi’s Maintenance Funds for Bike Lanes bill yesterday, but I didn’t count that as a Bike Safety bill, so the bet still stands. Now Sen. Reeves’ bill is on to the Senate floor very soon, where it is in order for everyone to ask their Senator to support SB1220. Should it get through, we’ll then see how they handle it, with DeSteph’s identical bill already having cleared the House.

Lastly, Sen. Wexton’s SB1279, providing a penalty for a driver using a handheld communication device while driving, was Passed By Indefinitely by a 8-7 vote, despite the strong support of VBF, AAA, and Drive Smart Virginia. An interesting voting pattern on this one, as the R Senator McWaters from VA Beach joined the D’s to vote FOR the bill, while D Senator Alexander of Norfolk joined the R’s to give them the deciding vote to kill the bill. It also should be noted that this bill, having been assigned to the Transportation Committee in the Senate, came much closer to being reported than did Del. Rich Anderson’s similar HB1926 which had been assigned to the Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee in the House, where it was tabled by a unanimous voice vote.

Now we have SB1220/Following Too Closely on the Senate Floor to ask our Senators to Support plus HB1402/Maintenance Reimbursement for Bike Lanes to ask our Delegates to support on the House floor. Lets see if we can get both of these out of their originating House to Cross Over, as Bill DeSteph and his Following too Closely bill already has done, along with SB781/Crossing the Double Yellow Line , and SB882/Dooring. Keep up your support, its really helping!

Legislative Report – January 28

Today was a good day at the legislature.

I’m happy to report that SB1220, Senator Reeve’s Following Too Closely, reported from Senate Transportation unanimously, 15-0.

Senator Reeves did a great job presenting the bill.

There were a few questions regarding the ability to enforce the law The State Police testified that if this were enacted, they would investigate an incident the same way they would a car on car accident. In the case of a blatant tailgating situation, the police could use their judgement and charge if appropriate.

The VBF, of course, spoke in favor of the bill as did Drive Smart Virginia’s, Janet Brooking. No one spoke in opposition.

The bill passed on a voice vote, with no opposition. A number of Senators were out of the room at the time. Checking back, it appears those absent cast proxy votes and the bill has reported from the Senate Transportation Committee unanimously, 15-0. This is very good news for us and is a testimony to everyones’ hard work. Well done!

In other news, Senator Dance presented her Maintenance Funding bills, SB952 and SB953 which were identical to the House Bills offered by Betsy Carr and acted upon last week.

As expected, both bills were tabled but the Committee recommended they be referred to the Commission on Transportation Accountability. Recommending that they be reviewed by the Commission will allow the legislature to investigate a new policy area which is a positive outcome.

Finally, Senator Jennifer Wexton presented SB1279, her anti-texting bill. It was was tabled, 8-7.

Wexton’s bill was amended to be identical to Delegate Anderson’s HB1926.

There were a number of people speaking in favor of the bill including the VBF, DriveSmart, AAA and a gentleman who had been involved in a distracted driving accident several years ago.

The only people speaking against it were HAM radio operators who felt this might interfere with their ability to assist in times of crisis.

Voting AGAINST the bill: Newman, Watkins, Wagner, McDougle, Smith, Carrico, Alexander, Cosgrove–8.

Voting in FAVOR: Deeds, Marsden, McWaters, Colgan, Favola, Edwards, Wexton–7.

Finally, I’m happy to report that I had a cordial discussion with Delegate Riley Ingram, Patron of the Mandatory Sidepath Bill, HB1746. Delegate Ingram is open to considering a much more limited scope which is a move in the right direction.

We will continue to explore options with him.

In the meantime, I encourage interested advocates to stay tuned until we have further developments.


Legislative Update, 1/27/15

A good day today, which started with HB1402, Del. Loupassi’s Highway Maintenance Payments bill clearing House Transportation with a 17-4 vote and another supporting voter (Del. Delores McQuinn) out sick. The bill now goes on to the House floor to be voted on by the entire 100 Delegates. Although the bill appears to be sailing through, would not hurt for everyone to contact their Delegate asking them to support the bill on the floor, in the next day or so.

Then, on the Senate Floor, SB781, which will permit a driver to cross the double yellow line, when safe to do so, in order to safely pass a bicyclist, runner or pedestrian, was passed by a resounding 37 – 1 with only our old friend, Sen. Carrico keeping his record intact of never supporting a single cycling safety bill in his more than 10 years worth of votes.

Also on the Senate Floor, SB882, the Dooring bill, passed by a somewhat closer 27-12 vote, as Sen. Carrico was joined in opposing the bill by 11 others, including Martin (Chesterfield), McDougle (Hanover) & Garrett (Goochland) from the Richmond area. Now both bills await Crossover, where I expect we will see them both in House Transportation SubCommittee2, probably on Monday, Feb. 9 at 7 a.m.

A big docket tomorrow in Senate Transportation (45 minutes after the Senate Floor adjourns, which is usually somewhere around 1:45- 2:00) containing a number of duplicate bills we have already seen on the House side. In this category are Sen. Bryce Reeves’ Don’t Follow Too Closely bill (Del. Bill DeSteph’s identical bill has already passed the House); Sen. Dance’s two Highway Reimbursement bills (Del. Loupassi’s similar bill has already passed House Transportation); Sen Jennifer Wexton’s bill Restricting Cell Phone Usage by Drivers of Moving Vehicles to Hands Free (Del. Rich Anderson’s similar House bill has already been defeated. Having seen how these bills have fared in the House, it’ll be interesting to see how they do in the Senate. Here again, doesn’t hurt to contact our area Senators on Transportation to ask their support.

Bike Facilities in the I-66 Corridor Improvement Project — Attend These Public Meetings

Map:  I-66 Corridor Improvement Project -- I-495 to Haymarket

VDOT is in the process of upgrading I-66 as a multimodal corridor, along a 25-mile stretch from The Beltway (I-495) to Haymarket. The Custis Trail already runs along I-66 through Arlington. Why not extend it westward, all the way to Haymarket?

According to VDOT’s own Policy for Integrating Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations and State Bicycle Policy Plan, bicycling should be included in such projects. So let’s hold them to it. Please attend the upcoming series of public meetings, and submit your comments.

Ask VDOT to include a multi-use trail along the I-66 Corridor.  Submit your own comments, or use WABA’s ready made form.

Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling has taken the lead in advocating for this. But like I-66 itself, the Custis and W&OD trails, it’s important to all Virginians, and Washington area residents.